January 24, 2008

A Girl

There’s a girl
Sitting on her own
She picks up petals of flowers from a garden
She is trying too hard to create her own flower
She gathers all the petals from different flowers
She hopes to make a bigger and colorful flower
Each petal that she picked is torn every time she tries to paste it together…
But there she is, still picking up all the pieces of the petals
She just won’t quit making her own flower
She just don’t care how ugly the flower would be
All she knows is just trying and get what she hopes for;
Beautiful in her eyes, peaceful in her heart every time she sees her own flower
Without realize that she’s wasting each second and effort
The petals don’t seem to fit; colors, sizes, and lots of other reason that seems wrong in every way
But she doesn’t realize or maybe she just doesn’t care about it
She just wanted to try
But nothing can change her mind
Nothing can stop her

Until the sun goes down,
And it gets darker for her to find n pick up those petals
She breaks down and cries
She fails to have her own flower
She’s scared
She have disappoint herself
She’s a failure as she quits
And still on her own
Helpless and useless


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