August 20, 2008

One After Another

on my last post in facebook,
i got feedbacks from several ppl..
longgggg feedbacks but very very helpful n fun..huhu
unlike other notes..bkn la nk feedback,but saje jer xde hal la kan

guess d topic really mean sumthing to most of us huh?
well,and again,just got a news about d same thing...
one after another,n this time its about a girl dumping a boy,for another guy,again!..
haihhh...alasan,sama jek..hati berubah..

but then come to think of it,sometimes,there must b sumthing happened that makes d other person berubah hati kan?mayb they r lack of sumthing like tolerates ke appreciation ke consideration ke kan...MAYBE la kan..who knows..or mayb d other partner prnh curang or flirt ke kan,that have made the girl berubah hati...well,things that i assume ni sbnyer mcm slalu terdgr..n i think all of it r cliche reasons 4 ppl to use whenever they wanna break up / divorce..maybe the couples couldnt find d solution to those matters kan..

coz in my point of view,in my opinion,after i went thru lots of seperation n divorce in my family,i certainly think that every couple in this world should learn more about appreciation..after u know how to appreciate,then automatically u will know how to tolerate n be more considerable about everything in a 4 me,wallahualam la kan...not a pro about relationships or marriage,but alhamdulillah,im still trying to do d best as i could so that hati kami tak berubah..did watever we could though,usaha x henti,doa pun slalu so that berkekalan..

but then, my late parents,they went thru shits most of d time in their 25yrs of marriage until their last breath,but then ternyata kan jodoh mereka kuat smp ke akhir hayat?mayb dah hujung2 masa dorang masih sihat,tapi my dad truly loves my mom so much,eventho he knew it was his fault most of d time coz being a man with their nature towards other women kan..but then,dia ttp mempertahankan...maybe la the spirit of loving the partner like arwah ayah is so strong in me..huhu..insyaAllah..

i agree with doy in my last post..and yes,keikhlasan is also important..
so,hmm...patutkah saye teros takot being in a relationship?huhu..wallahu
alam..salah satu doa saye,saye harap akan teros kuat..


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