November 21, 2007


rain rain rain
never go away
thought i will get all wet
but never realize the sunshine suddenly shines so bright
and i didnt realize i was smiling
big smile on my face as i feel the warmth of the sun

im happy, i can smile again
im glad i have space to breathe
the rain wont fall again
i wont get wet
and if ever i do
the sun will always shine again
the sun never fails to shine
im suprised im happy again
i can run free on the field
just like a bird in the sky
i can shut my eyes to sleep in peace
i have chosen my way
i have pledged to keep my dignity
i have found my soul again
Glad i found it and the freedom of my soul fly into the air
ease thoughts and mind

I'm glad,God...I'm just so glad i'm free from getting wet...


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